10 January 2020

VA - Carnival Party (2020)

VA - Carnival Party '70s
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01.Lady Carneval - Gunter Gollasch
02.Snowbird - Bert Kaempfert
03.Candida - Orquestra Serenata Tropical
04.Cherry Pink And Apple Blossom White - Perez Prado
05.Ra-Ta-Ta - Kai Warner
06.Quien Sabe
07.Monday, Monday - Caravelli
08.Petite Fleur - Gunter Gollasch
09.Moliendo Cafe - Gunter Noris
10.Blues - Raimonds Pauls
11.Girls, Girls, Girls - Cliff Carpenter
12.This World Today Is A Mes - Max Greger
13.Where Are The Summers - Jose Marcello
14.Istanbul - Hugo Strasser
15.Taka Takata - Max Greger
16.Histoire d'O - F.Pourcel
17.Could it be magic - Botticelli Orchestra
18.La musica - R.Lefevre
19.Heut' Ist Hochzeit - Gunter Oppenheimer
20.Tango Notturno - Werner Muller

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